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Geography might just provide the perfect metaphor for songstress Meggy Travers’ music. Surrounded by the redwoods of her Marin County home, she’s also just a short ride across a famous bridge from the bustling metropolis of San Francisco. 
The elements of those contrasting waypoints find their way into Meggy’s debut self-titled EP, co-produced with composer and banjo legend Tim Weed, and emerging production-wiz Tano Brock. Like the mix of local geography, the six-song EP mashes-up flecks of bluegrass, folk and pop into a uniquely Americana stew that could only come from this musician and this cut of earth. 
Though music has been coursing through her veins for most of her life, the constellations finally aligned for the singer/songwriter to set her songs to recording.  
“I feel like I’m finally creating meaningful, moving music — with a richness that would have been missing had I hit record earlier,” she says. 
For her debut recording, Weed assembled a musical cast of heavy-hitters including Mike Witcher on dobro, David Grisman sextet alumnus Chad Manning on fiddle and Weed on banjo, guitar and mandolin. Rounding out the musical talent pool,  Mark Robertson-Tessi on the mandolin, 2022 Latin Grammy Nominee Sascha Jacobsen on upright bass, and percussion virtuoso Kendrick Freeman on drums —  all anchored by Meggy’s rhythm guitar. The music forms the ideal bedrock for her ethereal voice and heartfelt songs that hit like sophisticated folk funneled through next world production.
The result is an EP that takes listeners on a stirring journey through the musical topography of this blossoming songwriter’s mind, sparking anticipation for what else may lie around the next corner. 
— Joe Rosato, Jr. (Emmy Award-winning video-journalist with NBC Bay Area News. musician, songwriter)